There are no emergencies at UC Berkeley at this time.

However, at noon today (Wednesday, March 4, 2015), the campus will conduct a test of its Alerting & Warning System, with blasts from the campus's four warning sirens and messages on an emergency telephone hotline, on KALX radio, and on the web. Similar tests, held in concert with other cities in Alameda County, take place on the first Wednesday of each month. The system exists to warn and inform the community about what to do in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Thus, at noon, four campus sirens will wail and messages will be posted to the university's emergency 800 number — 800-705-9998 — and to this emergency website. KALX radio (90.7 FM) also will air notices of the test.

In a true emergency, students, staff and faculty are urged to Shelter-Shut-Listen:

  • Shelter - Go inside a building.
  • Shut - Shut all doors and windows.
  • Listen - Call the campus emergency information hotline, 800-705-9998; or go for information to the campus home page (www.berkeley.edu/), the NewsCenter (newscenter.berkeley.edu), or to this backup emergency website (emergency.berkeley.edu), or tune to the campus radio station, KALX (90.7 FM).

More information about the Alerting and Warning System is online at UC Berkeley's Office of Emergency Preparedness.